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  • What is your mission?
    KiwiWrite’s mission is to make math accessible for all students!
  • For whom is this product intended?
    KiwiWrite was invented to help students with dysgraphia, dyslexia, autism, fine motor impairments, and ADHD. KiwiWrite was designed with minimal visual clutter to minimize distractions. While this is who the product was designed for, KiwiWrite is an excellent math organizational tool for everybody!
  • What’s included in my subscription?
    When you join KiwiWrite, you’ll have access to all 4 math levels, helpful tutorial videos and guides, and all updates or new features!
  • Can you explain KiwiWrite’s design?
    KiwiWrite was designed to keep the focus on math! Our grid system for levels 1-3 automatically aligns numbers for all types of equations to keep handwriting out of the picture. Our line problem layout allows easy layout of more complex equations in levels 3-4. Additionally, KiwiWrite was designed with minimal clutter to reduce distractions.
  • What does KiwiWrite do for students?
    KiwiWrite helps students write and align numbers and functions. In Levels 1 and 2, KiwiWrite uses a virtual grid system for alignment. In Levels 3 and 4, KiwiWrite uses a line system with automatic spacing to ensure problems are properly lined up.
  • Will KiwiWrite solve problems for me? Is it a calculator?
    KiwiWrite is not a calculator. KiwiWrite is a tool to help students solve problems,but it will not solve problems for students.
  • Can KiwiWrite be used without an internet connection?
    Yes and No. You need an internet connection to log onto KiwiWrite, and to access the file and user profile features. However, KiwiWrite allows students to work on their math while offline, provided they have already opened a file and imported any worksheet needed. To use KiwiWrite on a test that internet is not allowed, then log in, import any worksheet/test file needed, or click new file to open a blank file, and check that the system is set up to export to a local (not remote Google drive) file. The internet may then be turned off, and the file may be exported locally when done. Keep in mind thought that KiwiWrite will not be able to do its usual automatic file saves to the cloud, so if you want a copy of this file saved by KiwiWrite, then turn the network back on and click the save file icon before logging out of KiwiWrite.
  • Can KiwiWrite be used on state testing?
    Different states vary in their requirements. KiwiWrite performs no calculation, and provides no other information to students that might assist them in finding problem solutions, outside of being a handwriting substitute. It acts in a similar role as a word processor. KiwiWrite can also be used in offline mode during tests, by logging on and opening a new blank file or importing a PDF test file, and then turning off the network for the test, provided the system is set up to export to a local file afterward.
  • How can adults use this platform with students?
    KiwiWrite is an excellent way for teachers, occupational therapists, tutors, and families to help their student organize math! One person can log in to KiwiWrite and then the student and adult can sit side-by-side to work on it together.
  • On which devices do you recommend using KiwiWrite?
    All of KiwiWrite’s features run on desktop, chromebook, laptop, and iPads Since KiwiWrite Math needs sufficient screen space for ease-of-use, it does not run on phones or iPad mini’s.
  • Is KiwiWrite a good option for virtual learning/remote teaching?
    Yes! KiwiWrite is completely digital and is a wonderful solution for completing assignments virtually. Simply send your students a math problem or worksheet and have them complete it on KiwiWrite. Students can then download and email back to their teacher!
  • How do I sign up?
    Click (here) to start your risk-free, 30-day trial. All of our accounts are created in this way. Subscriptions and school licenses are added after you start a free trial.
  • How much does KiwiWrite cost?
    The price of a subscription to KiwiWrite for individuals is $9/month, or $99/year. Free 30 day trials are available, no credit card required. School licenses are similar costs, but are prorated based on time of year to allow licenses to end between school years. Please see our pricing page under the "for schools" tab for school pricing details.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    If you need to cancel your KiwiWrite subscription, please go to the subscription menu item under the profile icon of the app main page. You can join again at any time!
  • If I want to cancel a subscription, what are the deadlines?
    You may cancel a subscription up to the day before the renewal time period starts.
  • I’m an educator, do I need to purchase a copy for myself?
    Subscriptions are free to educators such as ATs, OTs, special ed staff, or other professionals who wish to use KiwiWrite to evaluate fit for students with disabilities or support those students in learning to use KiwiWrite. Please first sign up for a free trial account using your organization email, and then contact us at to request a free educators subscription. Volunteer tutors are also welcome to apply.
  • Are there other provisions for school free trials or group purchases?
    Yes! Please contact us at for more information.
  • How do I use KiwiWrite Math the first time?
    When you enter the KiwiWrite platform students have the option to use a blank page or upload a document. Once you have chosen your setting, students can begin solving with our custom alignment system .KiwiWrite provides a set of on-screen math keys that can be used to solve all types of math problems.
  • Can I import a worksheet into KiwiWrite?
    Yes! KiwiWrite allows users to import images of worksheets or math problems to be solved directly on the platform.
  • Can I save my work?
    Yes! KiwiWrite allows users to save their work in our platform for use at a later time.
  • Can I add text?
    Yes! KiwiWrite allows users to add multiple text boxes. This can be used to write a problem or label work!
  • Can I change my math level?
    Students will select their math level when joining. If you decide to change levels, click the profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen. One of the options in the drop down will read “Set Math Level.”
  • Is KiwiWrite compatible with my computer keyboard?
    Yes! While KiwiWrite has a numerical keypad built in on the platform you can also type out individual numbers and letters using your computer’s keyboard. Numbers and letters will be displayed individually as math symbols (i.e. variables.), so if you enter a multiple letter math symbol (for example, log), then please use the on-screen keyboard for correct formatting. If you would like to type out words, phrases, or variables, be sure to use the ABC feature so that KiwiWrite can space your letters as words.
  • What areas of math are accessible on KiwiWrite?
    With KiwiWrite, the sky is the limit! Students can solve for basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.) In Level 3, students can solve for fractions, decimals, exponents, and pre-algebra. In Level 4, students can solve for algebra and trigonometry. However, geometry specific symbols are not currently supported.
  • Can you share files in KiwiWrite?
    You cannot share a file within KiwiWrite to another KiwiWrite account. However, there are several other methods for sharing files between teachers and students. Google Classroom and Drive PDF, JPG, and PNG files can be opened directly into KiwiWrite using the "open as" option on the Google Drive file or Classroom assignment. As long as the student has their own copy of the file (either by being sent their own copy by the GC teacher, or by being the owner of the file in Drive), then clicking the KiwiWrite menu file "Save" will save to both the kiwi host and sync to the Google file. Classroom users will also have a turn-in button in the Kiwi menu, which will save plus open a Google Classroom page to streamline the turn-in process. Google integration must be enabled from the Kiwi preferences menu before first use. PDF, JPG, and PNG files can also be imported from your own device or configured Google Drive's by clicking the new file icon and import. To share completed work, then you can download your KiwiWrite page as a PDF and send the file to another user.
  • Can I assign a worksheet to a student’s account?
    If you are using Google Classroom, then the student can open PDF, JPG, and PNG files sent as assignment directly into KiwiWrite, using the "open with" option. Google integration must first be enabled within Kiwi Preferences. A file placed into their Google Drive can also be opened using the "open with" option from Drive. Changes saved will be synced back to the Google file, assuming the student has their own copy the file. Otherwise, students can only access a worksheet by uploading it onto their account.
  • Can I print finished work?
    Yes, students can print directly from their KiwiWrite account!
  • What grades does KiwiWrite support?
    KiwiWrite is for all students K-12 and beyond! KiwiWrite can even be used for adults who want to eliminate handwriting from their math work.
  • The math on-screen keys are not all displayed on my laptop, so I have to scroll to reach the bottom ones.
    Some laptops with higher resolution screens have a default screen magnifications of 150%, which causes this problem. To check, look in your system settings at the display scale. If it is greater than 125%, then you will either need to change your system magnification lower for KiwiWrite to display properly, or else change the zoom setting within the browser window to a lower setting, such as 80%.
  • I can't reach KiwiWrite on my older iPad. It says the page isn't found.
    Please use the URL of to reach KiwiWrite if you run into this problem, instead of using the URL of Recently, our information site partner, WIX, has stopped supporting IOS versions before 14.0, so therefore the information site cannot be reached on iPads running IOS version older than 14.0. However, our app still works on these iPads by going direct to the app using
  • I'd like to export directly to my Google drive. Can I do that?
    This depends on your system and setup. If you have enabled and are using KiwiWrite's new Google integration feature, then Google Drive files opened from the Google "open with" are synced back to the Google file when you save a file, so do not require export. For KiwiWrite files created by clicking "new file", from either a blank page or an imported file, then the download/export will be based on how your system is configured for the default download folder. Chromebooks have a setting which you can configure to either a specific folder (including a Google drive), or to ask which location you want when you export. For iPads, you need to download the Drive app from the app store, and then you can have the option of selecting a Google drive, if you click the iPad export icon after clicking export within KiwiWrite.
  • Something looks wrong or seems to not be working.
    We aim to make KiwiWrite as dependable as possible, but it is a newer app, and bugs do happen. If you think you see a bug, then we would appreciate it if you could report it, so we can fix it! KiwiWrite has an automatic bug report feature, which you can use by clicking on the profile icon, then clicking "send report". After reporting the problem, please click the browser reload button, which should correct most problems. If not, then please contact us at for help.
  • Don’t see your question?
    Contact us - We’re here to help!
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