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KiwiWrite Math allows students

to independently write math
problems online, by just clicking,
tapping, or typing into their
chromebooks, laptops, or iPads!

Level 4 1.5

"This program has
been the
changer we needed

to support
independence in the
classroom setting"

"We signed up for the free trial version and quickly found that it allowed the student to complete the worksheet I was able to upload into the program. I contacted KiwiWrite when the trial ended to request a possible extension to the trial until we could get through the process of purchasing a subscription, due to discovering how vital it was to the student's ability to participate in math in the classroom. I was very impressed with the customer service and support that was provided."

"I highly recommend this product for students who struggle with
the implementation of written math worksheets, where the ability
to solve is there but writing causes a roadblock to success"

- Holly Thom , Special Education Teacher, Pillager School District, MN

“This is the first time that we haven't had to

dictate to a scribe for math!!!!”

-Heather O’Brian, Resource Teacher, Person County Schools, NC

Hear what parents have to say about KiwiWrite Math!

“So we've been using KiwiWrite for the summer with my son. He is doing amazing! I can't tell you how much we appreciate your genius creation here and how much you're already changing his life. His exact words are, mom, how come you didn't show me this before?' and 'I can't wait to start school and tell my teachers about it so they can help all the other kids that can't write like me'. Update on my son, doing 8th grade math on Kiwi! He is loving it. His teachers have even adopted to it and are letting him use the tool to get his work done. His confidence in Math has shot up and again, so grateful for this tool and making life easy for him.”

"[My son] even did
his test on it today
and was able to
convert to PDF and
submit it"

-Eden Woredekal, pediatrician and mom, VA

"KiwiWrite has enabled him
to keep up with the rest of
the class & importantly
structure his work
systematically. He can read
his work back to himself!"

"My son was diagnosed with dysgraphia at aged 9. He immediately learned to touch type and was able to excel at written based subjects, finally able to get what was in his head out on paper. However, we had no solution for his maths - until now! He has just transitioned from  primary to secondary school (we are in the UK) and at primary, the teachers often scribed for him in maths, but this isn't feasible at secondary.

He's just started doing algebra, so finding this solution now couldn't be more well-timed: Thank you KiwiWrite. I honestly believe this will be life-changing for my son's maths trajectory, enabling him to fulfill his innate potential and remove the writing barrier. He is already so much more positive about maths.-)”

-Parent of middle school student, UK

"I think [the nested keyboard] is fantastic and in line with how intuitive the product is. Examples include the superscript key that turns into the subscript key... the tutorials do a good job of explaining the simplicity of the product and allow the users to choose the right ones to view."

-Parent of high school student, Ontario

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