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How to Set-Up a KiwiWrite Math School License

Looking to set up KiwiWrite Math school licenses?  Here’s how to do it.

Steps Needed

  • Students create individual KiwiWrite accounts using the “free trial” button, and entering either a username/email/password combination, or using their Google login credentials.

  • A school representative creates a school admin account.  The software will assign each school admin account a unique access code for students to use.  

  • The school or district purchases licenses.  Purchase orders or credit cards may be used.

The above 3 steps may be done in any order.  Purchases may be done as need is determined throughout the year, and pricing of subscriptions will be based on the months remaining of the school year.  Students are welcome to use free trial accounts for 30 days to help the evaluation process. 

  • When all of the above are complete, students enter the school access code one time, under the profile item “use code”. 

Create Student Accounts

Students may create KiwiWrite accounts by going directly to the app website at, and clicking the “free trial” button. 

Screenshot of KiwiWrite homepage, used to write math equations

They may then sign up using either an username/email/password combination, or by using a Google login account.

Screenshot of user login for math math used to write math equations

There is a checkbox that asks if the student is below 13 years old. If checked, a parent or guardian email address is requested.   An informational email will then be sent to the email entered for the parent or guardian.  If the school is providing permission, as is allowed by COPPA, a general school email address may be entered here. The program does not require any reply to this email

If the student registers via username/email, then they will need to go to their email, and click a link to verify their email address.

Creating A School Admin Account

A school account owner can be any person who manages access for a group of students to KiwiWrite Math.  It can be at the school, district, department, classroom, or specialist level.

To create a school account, first go to the homepage of the KiwiWrite app by clicking the “App website” button at, or by going to   Click on the “school sign-up” button.

Homepage of KiwiWrite, an app to write math equations online

This account may be registered using either a username/email combination, or through a Google login.

The email entered, or associated with the Google login, will be linked to the student access code created. A listing of students that use this access code will be displayed by this account.

Please choose the email /Google login for the admin account carefully, as it cannot be changed without resetting accounts through customer service.  It should use an email address under the school or districts’ email domain.

KiwiWrite school admin account sign up screenshot

Restrict Licenses To Domain

Schools have the option to restrict the use of their access codes to students registering with an email or Google login under the schools domain.  This provides extra security for codes.  It is recommended that if a school provides students with Google logins or email addresses, then they should choose to restrict licenses to domain.  If students need to use personal email addresses, then leave it unchecked.

Example:  School account owner email is  Restrict licenses to domain is checked.  Students who try to use the access code on a student account with an email or Google login domain other than will not be allowed to use the code.

Subscription End Date

All KiwiWrite Math school licenses will expire on the date chosen for the school year end.  This will be true for each and every year.  A choice of a few end dates is given, including June 30, July 31, and December 31.  Please choose the date that will always be at the end of a school year, and during a school term break.

Subscription rates for partial year subscriptions  will be based on the number of months remaining in the school year.  

School Account Admin Panel

Once an account is created and verified, the admin user will have access to the admin panel.

Sample school admin account screenshot

The school account page will display the access code for each student, which needs to be entered into each individual students’ account.  It will also show how many licenses have been purchased, and how many have been used or unused.

Once licenses are purchased and students have used codes, the admin panel will show a complete list of students who have used the code associated with this account, their last login date to the app, and how many math files they have created. The total number of math files show how active users are on KiwiWrite Math.

There are no necessary actions to take to manage students, aside from looking up the access code.  A school may choose to have a single school account and access code for all students using KiwiWrite, or they may create multiple accounts, if for example, individual teachers would like to look at the admin panel to evaluate their own student’s use of the app.   If multiple accounts are created, then each must be registered under a different email, and any purchase needs to specify to which admin account the student licenses should be allocated.

Only students with active subscriptions will be shown on the admin panel, so student accounts will automatically be removed at school year end when the subscriptions expire.  Students using KiwiWrite for multiple years will need to enter a new code at the start of each new school year, but can keep the same account.

 If there is a problem with the student registration, such as a student using a code who was not authorized, please contact for assistance in removing the account and issuing a credit.   

Purchasing Licenses

Click here to go to our school purchase information page,  learn how to request a quote, send a purchase order, or make a credit card purchase.  Questions may also be sent to!

Student Enters Access Code

Once licenses have been purchased, and the school account owner account has been set up, then the access code will need to be entered one time into student accounts.

The student should log into their KiwiWrite Math account, and click on the profile menu item in the top right corner of the menu bar, and then click on “Use Code”.

Clicked on account icon screenshot

The student (or adult helping them) should then enter the access code given to them by their teacher, and click “Okay”.   Their subscription is then set for the remainder of the school year!

If they use KiwiWrite the following year, they will need to enter an access code again.  

Screenshot of school access code

If a student’s trial subscription ends before they enter an access code, they may also get to the “use code” dialog through the free trial expiration dialog displayed.  If they have an account from a prior school year, they will also need to add the code in this manner. 

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