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Note: 4/24/24 update is a maintenance/bug fix update only. Previous changes below.  
Student side Google Classroom and Drive integration
Add whitespace to worksheets 
Enlarged key size and additional preferences options

Google Integration for Google Classroom and Google Drive (student side)

  • Use the "open with" option within Google Classroom or Google Drive to open assignments directly into KiwiWrite

  • For Google classroom files, the "Turn-in" button within KiwiWrite saves work and opens Classroom page to allow students to turn in work to teacher.  The "Save" icon will save work without turning in. 

  • For Google Drive files, click "Save" file to save to both your Google Drive file and the kiwi cloud. 

  • Setup by enabling Google permissions within KiwiWrite preferences under profile icon.

Add Whitespace Feature​

  • Create extra space in display and  worksheets for math problems

  • Steps for use

    • Click 3 dots icon then whitespace icon

    • Drag or click twice on display to select area and click OK

    • Use undo if need to remove space

User Preferences New Options - 

  • Enlarge on-screen math keys - choice of 50% enlarged, or 100% enlarged

  • Position math keyboard on right or left side of screen

  • Choose math cursor color

  • Always use dialog box for ABC text.  This allows use of third-party voice dictation for text

  • Steps for use

    • Click profile menu icon

    • Select preferences

    • For key size or abc text option - Click accessibilities options button

    • Select option desired

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